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samedi 5 janvier 2013
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The glamorous Lucite clutch spotted in the possession of Julia Restoin-Roitfeld — as well as many of the chicest women on the red carpets and in the hottest venues around the world — is the bespoke bag by Edie Parker. Designed by Brett Heyman and named for her daughter, this little acrylic number has captured the imaginations of women everywhere since the brand's launch in 2010. Inspired by her own collection of vintage handbags and frustrated by the limited availability of new finds, Heyman decided to create a modern take on a classic. 

I adore the marketing copy from the Edie Parker website, my compliments to the copywriter: "These chic, wearable sculptures are objects of delight with retro soul… Edie Parker's sleek lines, creamy surfaces and gem-flaked textures glide timelessly onto today's fashion landscape. And like their mid-century predecessors, each bag is meticulously handcrafted in America." Yes, the Edie Parker clutch not only makes a chic statement, but a patriotic one as well; according to Vogue, the collection is produced entirely in the United States, "Brett Heyman’s line of clutches supports economies in three states: The acrylic is hand-poured in New Jersey, cut and fabricated in Chicago, and assembled on Long Island." Learn more about Heyman's philosophy in this video interview.

Edie Parker, the namesake for the label and daughter of its founder, Brett Heyman

The Edie Parker bespoke monogrammed clutches are available upon request, select the model you prefer (crescent, rectangular, or cube), decide on one of the numerous color combinations, and then choose to inscribe either your name or another word. It looks as if Julia chose the rectangular shape in the steel pearlescent finish with her name in silver confetti script. I personally prefer the look of the Lara Clutch in green confetti with glow-in-the-dark ends, Julia's eyes would pop peeking over the top of it while perfecting her lipstick in the mirror…

Note that the fixation on the Edie Parker clutch is a family affair: Julia's brother's girlfriend, tastemaker and stylist Giovanna Battaglia is also a fan. I love Gio's description from her monthly journal for W Magazine, "The brand Edie Parker made this clutch for me. The 'Giovanna' part is some kind of acrylic that looks like crystals. It's the perfect club bag — no one can steal it, because it has my name on it." Practical and glamorous, chic and unique, who can resist the sparkle of the Edie Parker clutch…

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