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Tom Ford
By Tom Ford


Yves Saint Laurent 
By Roxanne Lowit


The Big Book of the Hamptons
By Michael Shnayerson


A Message for You
By Guy Bourdin


Dior: The Legendary Images
By Florence Muller


Marella Agnelli: The Last Swan
By Maria Agnelli


Fashionable Selby
By Todd Selby


O.Z. Diary
By Olivier Zahm 


Leica Camera


 Another fun take from Todd Selby's photos: the subject is also a photographer. Check out Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's très chic little Leica. She often has it on her wrist when out on the town; sometimes we even get lucky and she shares the candids she snaps. I love when she begins getting loopy at parties and you can tell she's singing and having a grand time.

Photograph of Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's Leica camera © 2009 Todd Selby. All Rights Reserved.
Photographs of Julia Restoin-Roitfeld courtesy of Fashion Spot.


Jane Sofa by Gus

Todd Selby certainly thrilled fashionistas with the recent glimpse inside Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's apartment. The photo of her relaxing so elegantly caught my attention partly because I so often laze about the house in platforms but mostly due to the lovely sofa upon which she rests. If you were similarly intrigued, it's the Jane Sofa by Gus Design Group.

Photo © 2009 Todd Selby. All Rights Reserved.


Kiehl's Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser

The photo shoot of Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's apartment available on The Selby gives us access to her favorite beauty products. When it's time to come clean, Julia prefers Kiehl's Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser and it looks like right now she's enjoying the scents of Forest Rain and Glycerin and Rosewater.

Photo © 2009 Todd Selby. All Rights Reserved.

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