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Happy 32nd Birthday Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld!

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Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld photograph courtesy of Fashion Spot.


Happy 61st Birthday Carine Roitfeld!

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Carine Roitfeld and family photographs courtesy of Instagram.


Nicola Roitfeld: Mother Of Carine

In celebration of Mother's Day, let us acquaint ourselves with the few facts known about Nicola Roitfeld, mother of Carine and grandmother of Julia and Vladimir. Born in Paris, Nicola worked for a time as a script girl, likely the setting in which she first met Carine's father, a film producer. The couple reared Carine and her brother, Pierre, in typical bourgeois Parisian style. In her book Irreverent, Carine shared a bit about her upbringing: "I was raised in Auteil, in the 16th arrondissement of Pairs — a very posh neighborhood. I am the daughter of a Russian-born film producer and a Parisian mother. My father had a bit of a mad streak that I think I inherited. The legendary French actor Louis Jouvet was a witness at my parents' wedding, just to give you some idea of the bohemian chic quality of their relationship."

Nicola Roitfeld practicing ballet

Carine considered Nicola well-dressed always, a "very classic Frenchwoman" who loved dressing her daughter in top designers from a young age: "My mother was a real Parisian, which makes you immediately understand fashion when you are very young. It’s the way you live and what you see in shops, even if you are not shopping at Dior or Chanel. You know it exists and it’s in your DNA, seeing beautiful people and knowing couture and parfum… My mother's elegance marked me profoundly. She dressed in couture clothing and was always impeccably turned out, even at home. She used to go to the hairdresser three times a week."

Nicola Roitfeld as a young girl

Carine fondly recollects helping her mother to apply her eye makeup: "I think I was eight or nine years old. My mother was preparing to go out and she wanted me to help her put her eyeliner on. I remember very carefully putting on her designer eyeliner for her — it is such a strong memory…  It was the mid 1960s, and she was wearing a Pucci dress, and I was helping her put on her black eyeliner in a straight line. To be symmetrical can be difficult, so she asked me to do it."

"Corps & Lames" for Vogue Paris (2005)

One of Carine's earliest maternal memories continues to influence her work today: "As a little girl my mother would always ask me to cut up the raw meat to feed the dog… It's not starting today — I was a controversial person from the beginning." See "The Butcher" (1997), "Corps & Lames" (2005), "Plaisir Solitaire" (2009), and "Boucherie Desnoyer" (2015) as examples of the persistence of her memory. As for her formative style impressions, Carine remembers craving a close fitting Shetland sweater at the age of 14 and although her mother protested, she won in the end. This early choice epitomizes the essence of Carine perfectly — her knack for making the classic sexy with the devil in the details.

Nicola Roitfeld with her horse

In comparing herself with her mother in the role of grandmother, Carine is most tender, speaking from the heart: "I would love it if my granddaughter loves me as much as my daughter loved my mom. The relationship my daughter had with my mother was so specific. My mother passed away three years ago, and my daughter added her name to her own name after she passed. Her grandma was so important to her. Julia told her everything, about boyfriends, hairdos, bad notes from school: everything I wouldn’t be happy with! My mother would say, ‘No problem, you’re the best.’ When Julia comes to Paris, the first place she goes is her grandmother’s grave. Can you imagine? That’s how much she loved her. And if Romy loves me as much, my God, I’ve done something great. That’s what I wish. " Note that Julia keeps this image of her grandmother on her bedside table; she also posted it to Instagram with the caption "My beauty inspiration." Trop mignon…

Julia Restoin Roitfeld's bedside photos including her beloved grandmother, Nicola

Carine mentions her grandfather, the father of Nicola, in Irreverent as well: "Her own father had been a leading French writer and was the editor-in-chief of the satirical political weekly, Le Canard Enchainé. He had been an important figure in the French Resistance newspaper. He was a great figure in the Resistance movement, and a great journalist and political commentator." Greatness begets greatness… Happy Mother's Day to all!

The Restoin Roitfeld family at grandma's summer house in Uzès

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Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent images © 2011 Rizzoli. Restoin Roitfeld family photo courtesy of instagram.com.


The Companions Of Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

Readers have expressed curiosity about the romantic interests of Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, assuredly one of the world's most eligible bachelors, and while my only evidence is photographic, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the women in Vlad's life.

Goga Ashkenazi

Most recently Vladimir has been linked with Goga Ashkenazi, a fascinating woman that owns the label Vionnet and an oil empire, among many other things. The pair first appeared together in October 2013, in Paris at the release party for Mademoiselle C and in Milan at VRR's art exhibition of Nicolas Pol. In November Roitfeld and Ashkenazi attended the opening of Museo Jumex in Mexico City and in December they were seen together at Art Basel, have these two art lovers made the perfect match? On a related note, I loved the work that Carine Roitfeld and Jean Paul Goude did for Vionnet last spring, I wonder if Vladi introduced Carine and Goga… or vice versa… 

Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld and Goga Ashkenazi, Mademoiselle C Party, October 2013

Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld and Goga Ashkenazi, Nicolas Pol Exhibit, October 2013

Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Goga Ashkenazi, Jean Thierry Besins, Dylan Don, Michael Lilelund


Giovanna Battaglia

Prior to this, Vladimir spent three years in a relationship with Giovanna Battaglia. The couple was first documented by fashion paparazzi in Porto Ercole, Italy, in June 2009, and parted company around October 2012. The Milanese beauty started out as muse to Dolce & Gabbana then found her passion behind the scenes as a talented stylist. Gio currently works as Contributing Fashion Editor at W Magazine, Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue Japan, and Creative Director of Queen of The Night, a cabaret theater in Manhattan. To learn more about the life and the work of Giovanna Battaglia, please visit our sister site, I Want To Be A Battaglia.


Lily Donaldson

Before Gio, Vladimir's girlfriend was Lily Donaldson, a model raised in London. Among other claims to fame, Donaldson walked in the three most recent shows for Victoria's Secret. Their relationship lasted about two years, dating from March 2007 to the spring of 2009. I always found it amusing that Carine's cuttingly clever editorial "No Smoking" was published in Vogue Paris in April 2009, right around the time of the breakup between Vlad and Lily.


Mariacarla Boscono

I am not sure when Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld began dating Mariacarla Boscono but I believe they went their separate ways in September 2006. Widely considered a top model of her era, Mariacarla was born in Rome to the couple that invented the Italian brand Saucony. Mariacarla also enjoys the distinction of having introduced Carine Roitfeld to Riccardo Tisci. In Carine's own words, "You know Riccardo, his show, I went for the first time in Milan because my son, he was friends with Mariacarla [Boscono], and Mariacarla gave to my son the invitation of Riccardo, and for me he was no one. And I was like, 'OK, I have a car and I have a bit of time,' and I was like, 'OK, let’s go.' So I went to see that show and it was totally new, totally fresh, and it was very interesting. That’s the way I met Riccardo." Enchanté de faire votre connaissance. Note also that La Roitfeld used Mariacarla and her baby, Marialucas, for the Givenchy S/S 2013 campaign. Boscono is married to Andreas Patti, an Italian entrepreneur.

Visit the photo gallery to see more images of Vladimir with Goga Ashkenazi, Giovanna Battaglia, Lily Donaldson, and Mariacarla Boscono.

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Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Goga Ashkenazi, Giovanna Battaglia, Lily Donaldson, and Mariacarla Boscono photos courtesy of instagram/goga_vionnet, purple.fr, bfanyc.com, Getty Images, Condé Nast, Abaca, popsugar.com, wwd.com, Neiman Marcus, Fashion Spot.


Happy 30th Birthday Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld!

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Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld photographs courtesy of Fashion Spot.